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Hot tub

Book a hot tub to the cottage

Cottage with a hot tub

Would you like to relax on the hot tub at the cottage? It is possible to book cottage to the cottages Pihlaja, Mänty and Koivu.

Hot tub is heated by firewoods.

Our hot tub is a high quality Finnish hot tube by Kirami. Hot tub is for maximum 6 person.

You can see the available dates for hot tub at the calendar.

Prices for hot tub

Transport to the cottage, preheating and firewoods are included in the rent of the hot tub.

Please follow the heating rules of the hot tub

Ask offer for longer rentals of the hot tub

Weekday Weekday Weekend Weekend
(Mon-Thu) (Mon-Thu) (Fri-Sun) (Fri-Sun)
1day 2days 1days 2days
100€ 150€ 140€ 180€

Availability calendar

Days marked with red are already booked and grey ones are available.
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