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Welcome to spend your holiday in our holiday cottages!

Agreement terms regarding countryside holidays

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We wish you a pleasant stay. Here is some information, which you will find useful during your holiday.

Water The tap water has been tested in a lab and it is suitable for drinking and cooking.

Number of persons per cottage The maximum number of persons per cottage is mentioned in the cottage info. If there are more persons to put up, please contact us.

Heating The cottages are heated mainly by wood (the firewood is included in the rent), also electric heating is available. You will find the heating instructions in the cottage.

Arrival and departure The cottage will be at your disposal from 2 p.m. on your day of arrival until 12 noon on your day of departure. Please let us know your estimated arrival time. The cleaning of the cottage is your responsibility; we usually check that everything is in order before you leave. When leaving, please bring the key of the cottage to us.

Cleaning We kindly remind you that the cleaning of the cottage is not included in the rent, but you should do it yourself. However, with the cost of 45 - 70 euros, we can do the cleaning for you after your holiday. If you want us to do the final cleaning, let us know beforehand.

Rowing boat A rowing boat and three life jackets are included in the rent. The boats are for three persons. You can also borrow children's life jackets, as well as an electric outboard motor from us.

Swimming shore The swimming shores are shallow and sandy-bottomed only in front of the saunas.

Fishing Fishing with fishing-rod, as well as winter fishing is free of charge. You should, however, buy a fishing licence. Licences are sold in the farm Koivuranta (owner). In summertime we can help you to find suitable worms for fishing.

Berry and mushroom picking In Finland berry and mushroom picking is allowed in all forests. We kindly remind you to keep at least a distance of 100 metres to other cottages or houses.

Farm animals As the fields and the forest nearby cottages Koivu, Mnty and Pihlaja are grazed by cows and heifers during the summertime, there are fences around the cottages. You can, if you wish, walk also in the forest; the cows and heifers are not dangerous but curious by nature!

Items to borrow: A baby bed, a high chair, a pushchair, a potty and life jackets for children can be borrowed from the farm, as well as magazines, books and games for children.

Services There are shops, a post office, a library (including tourist information), a health centre, two restaurants and chemist's shop in Haukivuori. In addition, a shop-on-wheels stops once a week near the farm. For more information, please contact us. A.Häkkinen 2005